“They’re all my children, they’ve all got my heart, but different pieces of my heart”

Gina Fallon

Golden Oldies Founder

About us

Golden Oldies Animal Rescue began with Gina Fallon and her dream of helping displaced older animals in 2013. The rescue has grown over the years and the dream is now a reality.

We rely solely on the donations of kind individuals and businesses to keep our rescue financially viable. We receive no Government funding

Golden Oldies Animal Rescue is an organisation that provides rescue for animals through our network of foster homes. We do not have a shelter or kennels.

We create a nurturing and loving foster home for animals in need until a permanent home is found.

Golden Oldies is dedicated to the rescuing and re-homing of old souls.

We rescue as many senior dogs and cats in need as we can,  including those:
• Abandoned
• Surrendered to pounds

• Surrendered straight into Golden Oldies care from their owners.

Our primary focus is on elderly and frail animals at high risk of being killed in pounds, simply because they didn’t have safe places to call home.
Golden Oldies Animal Rescue re-home and rescue animals via ethical rescue standards All are animals are microchipped de-sexed and vaccinated before being available for adoption.

Some dogs that come into our care are too old, frail and have high medical needs making them unsuitable for adoption. These dogs enter our long term foster carer program where they can live out their days in a home and be loved and have all their needs met.

What Drives Us


Golden Oldies Animal Rescue is dedicated to the rescuing and re-homing of old souls

We are passionate about finding these beautiful. older, abandoned souls find the love, peace and happiness they deserve in a comfortable loving home.
We are inspired to change people’s and dogs lives, there are so many benefits to be had by adopting an older best friend. It’s our mission to shine a light on older dog adoption and care!
We want to see changes in these old dogs lives and we want to fight for a better future for all of these deserving old souls who have already given so much of their love, loyalty and trust to humans.

At times this isn’t possible and the old souls are suffering and no vet treatment can change that. What we can do is to be there to help them cross the over rainbow bridge being held, feeling the love, care and comfort of a human hand, to help guide them safely on their journey.

Rescuing old souls is our passion. It is our way of life.

8 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog!

  • Senior dogs are tragically often the last to be chosen — and the first to be euthanised.
  • Because there’s still a puppy in there somewhere!
  • Because they’re the last to be chosen
  • Because the hard work is often already done for you
  • Because old dogs don’t belong in a pound
  • Because they’re often more interested in cuddles than heaps of exercise
  • Because they’re friendship experts
  • Because old dogs CAN learn new tricks


Meet Gina, Golden Oldies Founder

What happens when an old dog is left in the pound?

That’s the question Gina asked more than six years ago when she set up Golden Oldies Animal Rescue out of her home in Welby.

17 years ago Gina settled in the Southern Highlands in New South Wales and six years ago she started Golden Oldies.

Gina takes the dogs that nobody wants. Sadly, it’s not uncommon to find some of these dogs in a really horrendous condition…

Dogs For Adoption

We are devoted to finding loving, lifetime homes for every rescued pet and place a high emphasis on matching the right animal with the right family to ensure a fulfilling relationship for all involved. We are happy to guide you in finding the best match.

Our animals are kept in foster care homes which means that we can assess their personality a lot more effectively in a home environment and help match them up with the perfect new home. All of our animals have been vet-checked, desexed, microchipped, and vaccinated.


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