I adopted my beautiful girl on the 20th September 2014 shortly after the death of my previous girl, Kelsie. Penny, my remaining border collie and I fell in love with Sheeba and in she moved.

Slowly, her very sad days became fewer and fewer, and she learned how to roll upside down and chase her tail Sheeba came to me at age 11 and 1/2 with no obedience training whatsoever, suffering bad flea allergies and very underweight. She didn’t like the grass, and I nicknamed her Twinkle toes as she danced, and still does dance, over the grass, she prefers pavers or dirt and this may be a throwback to her past. She horded and stole for the first month or so until she realised that she was getting a good yummy dinner every night. She also tried to find every escape route possible for the first couple of weeks until she also started realising she was safe. Penny and Sheeba were joined at the hip for 3 years until Penny left for Rainbow Bridge last year. Sheeba was quite lost for a while, but she has become much cheekier, funny and adapted well to being an only child. She pinches my clothes and rolls around with them; I often find bras, undies, socks etc down the hall.

Over the last several years we have travelled to so many places, staying at dog friendly accommodation, she has paddled at the beach and in the river, we have been to farmstays, and last year we explored the Riverina and Alpine areas of Victoria. She has given me more kisses in the last couple of months than the entire 4 years, she was more prone to showing her affection by mumbling and sniffing and staring but has started surprising me with a few more licks.

Sheeba is now 15 and 8 months and has the night wanders and a few old age issues, but she is such a beautiful, happy, bright little sausage, who loves people and animals alike and I have made sure every second she has had with me over the years has been full of love, yummy food (she loves all her food!), adventure, kindness and patience…she has been sent packages of treats from strangers, now friends, who run an online shop of doggy treats interstate, and has more pajamas than I do, again from border collie friends, some of whom we have met and a few we haven’t…she also has her own fb page after many people asked for us to share her adventures…oh and she has a built in clock…I have a camera at home now to keep an eye on her, and she starts getting unsettled and pacing between 4 and 4.30pm waiting for me, her very blessed mum, to come home for cuddles.

Adopting Sheeba and watching her become the dog she was never allowed to be for so many years has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. xx

Sadly sweet Sheba passed away in December 2018 shortly after this story was written.

Here are some words from Gina:

I remember the day I saw Sheeba in the pound.   It was in Renbury farm 2014 she had a massive tumour on her leg, but we managed to save her leg.
I think it was September 2014 Sheeba was adopted by a perfect mum for her she had so much love and even went to so many special places.
I received a call this morning Sheeba has crossed Rainbow bridge held in the arms of her beautiful mum.
Forever in our hearts xxx