Becoming a foster family for an older dog was the perfect option after the passing of our lovely GSD, Gemma. I don’t recall a time in my life when I didn’t have a furbaby  and our loss left our home with a very empty feeling.
It was by pure accident/divine intervention that I was introduced to GoldenOldiesRescue, then learning about a lovely Staffie, age 12 who had lived one rough trot after the next. An older dog felt perfect because I didn’t feel I had the energy for a young puppy.
After a quick discussion with excited kids, the decision to foster Diesel was made and he was invited in to our family.
The initial settling in period after Diesel arrived posed the standard hiccups involved when getting to know a new family member, getting familiar with quirky rituals and allowing Diesel time to understand my expectations of him living inside.
Diesel presented with some fear based behaviours and reactions which resolved by building a relationship of trust along with predictable routine. Now, after 6 weeks, Diesel has settled well and initiates play time; he loves basketball and soccer. He is accepted by our two dominant cats and has learned that chasing the chickens is in the ‘No Go’ zone.
He is able to communicate his needs well. A Wee-walk entails standing at the laundry door to go outside and sitting at the front door with his lead in his mouth, states the obvious, “got itchy feet, let’s go”!
Diesel, affectionately referred to as Deez, is an absolute character and a pleasure to be around.
Thank you Universe (and Gina) for bringing us together when we needed each other.