Jade entered Gina’s world on the 6th of January 2018 Jade was a broken, abused and neglected girl. The trauma she had suffered prior to that day is almost unimaginable and heartbreaking.  Jade was admitted to the vets where the vets and Gina spend the next few days ensuring Jade was comfortable as possible. Each day Gina would visit her at the clinic to keep up to date with her progress.

Gina remembering the day she got the call to help Jade ‘On the 6th January 2018 i got a call about a little girl who was in a real bad way. We named her Jade our girl was in a very bad way and was at Nepean animal hospital. She was surrendered to them. They called me and I said yes I would take her. She was there for quite a few days.
Jade is a fighter just like her mum, she is cheeky loves her food, chases Ajay when he is being naughty, she has come so far from the early days.’

After 5 days Jade left the vets and moved into Gina’s home. A pile of medications, ointments and creams came with her.

Jade’s jaw was so badly broken and could never be fixed due the the amount of fractures, Jade could eat with gusto and her weight gain was quick.

Jade slowly improved, her eyes became clearly (Jade would always be blind but the crust and the gunk slowly gave way to healthy looking eyes, medication for her skin was working and new hair was growing back when it once raw red skin with no hair.

The frightened, blind and abused girl Gina brought home slowly transformed into a girl who put her trust in Gina after some weeks went by when Gina called out her name she started to tilt her head and work out where the noise was coming form and walk towards Gina’s voice. A bond that can be so hard to gain after a dog has suffered so much. Jade was able to feel secure and loved.

Each tiny glimmer of change making Gina’s heart soar. The first bark Jade gave, Jade putting on weight and her muscle strength improved, the hair coming back, the appetite and will to eat deformed jaw and all, Jade would lay in Gina’s dressing gown whenever possible. The small but sweetest progress was noticed. Jade had Gina watching over her and giving her everything she needed.

Gina wrote on the 8th of May 2018 ‘Jade is such a special girl and when I hold her in my arms I never let her see me cry. She has problems with her breathing her little face had be broken and never fixed. She has fur now coming through on three little legs but not the fourth She runs a little now and I do laugh. I could go on about what happened to her but that is her past. I love my Jade because she is special and be it for another week or for however long she is my Jade’

Over the course of a year Jade was nothing of her former self. She was loved and owned as she should have always been.

In any journey with an old abused dog there was good days and bad days. Gina was always making sure the good outweighed the bad.

On the 7th of Janary 2019 almost a year to the day Jade and Gina met. Gina had to say goodbye to her girl. Gina always putting the dogs welfare before her own ensured when Jade gave her the sign she was unable to continue Gina listened. Jade was loved and held by Gina as she passed over the rainbow bridge.

Gina wrote these words the day her precious girl passed

Today I feel so lost. I feel a part of me has gone. I know the pain will change with time. I know tonight my tears are falling.

I feel my girl all around me. My others are all so quiet.

Run free my beautiful girl forever in my heart.

Jade 6.1.2018 she came into my world today 7.1.2019 my girl left this world.