Gina met James when she was picking up another rescue dog from the same pound. When she laid eyes on him she just knew she had to help him. Amidst her cancer diagnosis Gina still couldn’t turn away and not help.
Gina put a call out for a foster carer, the call came. James had a carer. While James’ story is one of many, he is special as this boy came at a time Gina was going through the initial phases of her cancer battle. Her heart was broken and her world had being turned upside down. But she needed to make sure James was safe as no one else had offered to help him

James has slowly relaxed in his foster carers home and settled right in and showing that older dogs still have spirit he decided to put himself in the little blow up pool that was in the yard. Nothing like a pool on a warm summers day!

In his foster carer’s words;

James is so divine, for the first day every time I stopped patting him he would gently nudge me to keep patting him, checked out the garden and all the doggy beds he has to choose from. He slept beautifully I got up so often to check on him but he was so peaceful. He’s such a character and has jumped onto the couch while he was exploring
He’s a delight he loves body contact and can always be found really close resting his head on your foot including when we are ironing he rest his head on the leg of the ironing board

He’s even enjoying a few short walks although he throws his head back when he wants to turn around so we haven’t got too far but he enjoys a few sniffs. James’ a really gentle loving boy who is well behaved.

James’ journey has just begun now he is in care with Golden Oldies