Foster Care Information


Our ability to take in abandoned animals is directly dependent on the number of reliable foster volunteers we have.

For animals who may need a break from the sometimes crazy shelter environment, foster care provides a comfortable home setting that keeps these foster companions happy and healthy. And now YOU have the opportunity to involve yourself in this lifesaving mission.

At Golden Oldies the more foster volunteers we have, the more lives we can save.

Our foster volunteers are an amazing group of very caring people who do everything from feeding the animal, providing bedding, keeping their living area clean, giving them medication if they’re sick, and of course, providing safety, care and lots of love!

Golden Oldies pays for any veterinary services the animals need, and advertises to find permanent homes for them. All of the animals are vaccinated, microchipped, and desexed before they’re rehomed.

As a foster carer, you provide a temporary and loving home for a dog or cat until they can be adopted. Sometimes that’s only a week or two, or sometimes it’s for several months.

Foster carers are literally the difference between life and death for these dogs and cats.

If you have the time and can allocate some space in your home for a dog or cat who desperately needs to get out of the busy, noisy and many times frightening shelter environment, please fill out and submit a Foster Care Application Form.

It will be a labour of love that will leave you with great memories to cherish long after your foster animals have been placed into permanent loving homes.

Not only does our foster programme maximize the number of animals rescued and saved, it allows our founder, Gina, to care for animals in her home who really need her specialised care.