What happens when an old dog is left in the pound?

That’s the question Gina asked more than half a decade ago when she set up Golden Oldies Animal Rescue out of her home in Welby.

In 2001 Gina settled in the Southern Highlands in New South Wales and in 2013 she started Golden Oldies.

Gina takes the dogs that nobody wants. Sadly, it’s not uncommon to find some of these dogs in a really horrendous condition, it’s heartbreaking but it’s what inspired Gina to start this journey.

Whether it’s for two weeks, two years or two hours in some cases, Gina ensures that her Golden Oldies enjoy a good home for their final stage of life.

Last year, Gina paid close to $100,000 in vet bills alone and at any one time houses several dogs and a few cats whilst also overseeing the fostering of 50 plus other animals.

“They’re all my children, they’ve all got my heart, but different pieces of my heart. We manage with great difficulty, but we do lots of barbeques and fundraisers,” she said.

Gina works closely with pounds and animal shelters to provide older dogs with a loving home.

Most of the dogs Gina takes in have been abused and neglected.

Gina like to focus on the older ones, as she feels there’s still so much love left inside them and they still have so much to give back!