Privacy Policy


Golden Oldies Animal Rescue protect our supporters’ privacy and is committed to upholding the legal requirements of the Privacy Act 1988.  Our Privacy Policy sets out how we manage your personal information and protect your privacy.

Golden Oldies Animal Rescue carries out activities and provides services related to the purposes of promoting animal welfare and the rescuing of companion animals.   We collect personal information from you when it is reasonably necessary to enable us to carry out these activities, services and programs and for secondary purposes for which you reasonably expect us to use or disclose your personal information.

Other reasons we collect personal information include:
–      Fundraising to enable us to fund our activities, programs and services;
–      Collecting and managing donations;

–          Keeping our supporters and donators informed as to our activities, programs and services in different ways, for example, by way of newsletters, social media etc;

–          Developing or evaluating our activities, services and programs to better achieve our purposes and mission;

–          Managing our rescue, including website; and

–          Complying with our legal obligations.

3.     What kinds of personal information do we collect?

The type of information we may collect and hold varies depending on the purpose for which it is collected (see above).  Golden Oldies may collect personal information like your name, title, address, email address, date of birth, gender, occupation, contact details, payment details, financial information (including credit card data), information about when and how you have donated to us, participated in our activities or used our services and programs.
The type of information we collect might also depend on your relationship to us, including (amongst others):
a)      Donors and supporters: as a supporter of Golden Oldies Animal Rescue’s mission and activities, we may need to collect your name, date of birth, contact details and details relating to other fundraising appeals or your contact history with us.  As a donor or participant of our fundraising activities, we may also need to collect your bank account and/or credit card details in order to process your donation or set up a direct debit system for recurrent donations. We may also record information relating to your gender, affiliated website (private or business), social media information, information relating to your work, relationship information (for example, your marital status and information about your friends and family) when you provide such information to us.
b)       Volunteers: as a volunteer for Golden Oldies Animal Rescue, we may need to collect information about your name and contact details, qualifications, previous experience and emergency contact details.
c)      Website user:  Golden Oldies Animal Rescue website uses cookies and other digital identifiers. These may include:

–          Site performance identifiers: these give us information about how our website is used. This helps us provide you with a more user-friendly experience.

–          Analytics cookies: we use these to gather statistics about our website. For example, Google analytics help us monitor how many users are on the site and what sections are most popular.

It’s important to know that you can clear or disable cookies or digital identifiers from your device by changing the security settings on your web browser. However, doing this might mean that you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website.

 You can always choose not to provide your personal information to us or you may just want to deal with us anonymously or by using a pseudonym. If this happens, we may not be able to provide you with the information you asked for or give you the level of service you expect.

 How do we collect your personal information?

– We collect information from you in different ways.  The usual procedure is when you provide your personal information directly to us.  For example, you might:

– Fill out a form, subscribe to our newsletter on our website;

– Correspond with us via social media messages or conversation;

– Participate in one of our fundraising campaigns in which you give your personal information to us by mail, online, or to one of our representatives in person or on the phone; or

In most cases, we require you to consent specifically to any collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by us. Your consent may be explicit, such as in writing or verbally, or may be implied by conduct.

Generally having made you aware of our Privacy Policy, we will assume that you have read and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy unless you inform us of any specific objections or your non-consent in writing.

We will take reasonable steps to make sure that you know we have your personal information, how we obtained it and how we’ll handle it.

How do we handle your personal information?

The personal information we hold may be stored in many forms of media, including the following:

your written correspondence to us;

receipts and/or transaction or donations records in relation to your financial support of our fundraising activities; and

legal documents and information you provide to us in connection with your volunteering  for Golden Oldies Animal Rescue or as a recipient of, or participant in, one of our activities, services and programs.

We may keep copies of the above documents (in physical or electronic form, at our election) as is necessary to carry out our functions and activities and provide our services and programs.

As our website is linked to the internet, and the internet is inherently insecure, we cannot provide any guarantee regarding the security of transmission of information you communicate to us online – despite our best efforts. We also cannot guarantee that the information you supply will not be intercepted while being transmitted over the internet. Accordingly, any personal information or other information which you transmit to us online is transmitted at your own risk.

 How do we use/disclose personal information?

Use by Golden Oldies Animal Rescue

Normally, we would use your personal information for the purpose(s) that it was collected, for any secondary purposes directly related to that primary purpose(s), or to comply with our legal obligations.  The personal information will be used internally within Golden Oldies Animal Rescue by authorised officers and will also be used to contact you directly from time to time for such purposes.

Disclosure to third parties

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that external service providers and third parties only use your personal information that we provide for the purpose(s) for which you have given us your personal information (for example, we may need to disclose your personal information to a fundraising agent to enable them to do their job of fundraising for us) and that they do not share it further with another party unless it is necessary to do so.

 We may also disclosure your personal information when we are legally required to do so

Information provision to you and Opting Out

Golden Oldies Animal Rescue may use your personal information to send you information about our work and promotional or marketing material from time to time.  We may send you material that we believe would be of interest to you by mail, phone, email, text, and online via the internet and in apps, unless you tell us not to.

You can opt out of receiving online promotional or marketing material at any time

There are some types of advertising and communication that we can’t control on an individual basis, like online ads that are not targeted specifically to you.

 Contact Us

If you need to contact us for any reason in relation to this Privacy Policy or your personal information (whether it be if you need to update your information, access your information, ask a question about how we handle your personal information, make a comment about this Privacy Policy or to make a privacy complaint), you can contact us via the methods set out below.


T: 0403265498

 Changes to this Privacy Policy

If this Privacy Policy changes, the revised Policy will be posted on our website. Please check back periodically, and especially before you provide any personal information. Your continued use of the website following any amendments to it will confirm your acceptance of such amendments.